Holding the audience captive with a high speed charismatic presentation. Paul Ponce's act has been a hit in practically any type of venue around the world, from New York to Tokyo, Melbourne to Monte Carlo, Berlin to Los Angeles. One success after another has led this 6th generation performer to a magnificent career starting at age 7, and leading him to perform at some of the most prestigious stages around the world. A high energy act loved by all and seen by millions around the Globe.



Back in Europe: Spain, France and Germany

June 26: Paul Ponce will be at Callao Theatre in Madrid.
August 1-3: Paul Ponce in Lisieux, France.
August 7-8: Paul Ponce at Duckstein Festival in Lubeck, Germany.
August 10: Paul Ponce at the Season Opener Gala for VfL Wolfsburg (againts Atl. Madrid).
August 16 Paul Ponce in Klein Fest Leer, Germany.
August 19-20: Paul Ponce Duckstein Festival in Kiel, Germany.
August 23 Paul Ponce in Klein Fest Clemenswerth, Germany.
November 12-15: Paul Ponce at Variete Palast Jabelmannhalle, in Uelzen, Germany.
Mid November 2014 until mid of March 2015 Paul Ponce at Palazzo Berlin




How everything started for Paul Ponce coming from a 6th generation entertainment family in South America.

The success continues...